endless stream of reverse dns
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PTR Stream

The ptrstream repository contains a straightforward yet well-crafted Python script for conducting reverse DNS lookups across the entire IPv4 address range. It systematically generates each IPv4 address in a pseudo-random sequence using a seed, ensuring every possible address is covered. For each IP address, the script performs a PTR (reverse DNS) lookup and logs all successful findings. Designed to run continuously, ptrstream is an efficient tool for network monitoring and tracking PTR records globally, making it a practical resource for network enthusiasts and professionals who require a reliable and uncomplicated solution for DNS monitoring.



python ptrstream.py [options]
Argument Description
-c, --concurrency Control the speed of lookups. (Default = 100)
-t, --timeout Timeout for DNS lookups. (Default = 5s)
-r, --resolvers File containing DNS servers to use for lookups. (Optional)
-rt, --retries Number of times to retry a DNS lookup (Default = 3)
-s, --seed Seed to use for the random number generator.