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Mass DNS AXFR (Zone Transfer)


MDAXFR allows you to perform a DNS Zone Transfer against a target domain by resolving all of the domains nameservers to their respective A/AAAA records and making an AXFR attempt against each of the IP addresses. You can also use this tool against the Root Nameservers and Top-level Domains (TLD), including those in the Public Suffix List (PSL) aswell.

Expectations & Legalities

It is expected to set realistic expectations when using this tool. In contemporary network configurations, AXFR requests are typically restricted, reflecting best practices in DNS security. While many nameservers now disallow AXFR requests, there may still be occasional instances where configurations permit them. Always exercise due diligence and ensure ethical use.


  • AXFR a single domain
  • AXFR a list of domains
cat domain_list.txt | ./mdaxfr

.. or for parellel lookups you can use GNU Parallel:

parallel -a domain_list.txt -j 10 ./mdaxfr
  • AXFR all domains in an AXFR output file
domain="" cat axfr-ripe.log | grep -aE "\s+IN\s+NS\s+" | grep -avE "^${domain}\.\s+" | awk '{print $1}' | sort -u | sed 's/\.$//' | ./mdaxfr
  • AXFR on all TLDs
curl -s '' | tail -n +2 | tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:] | ./mdaxfr
  • AXFR on all PSL TLDs
curl -s | grep -vE '^(//|.*[*!])' | grep '\.' | awk '{print $1}' | ./mdaxfr

Statistics, laughs, & further thinking...

I only wrote this to shit on this bozo who took a dead project & brought it back to life by making it even worse. Rather than making a pull request to give this bloke more credit in his "tenure" as a developer, I decided to just rewrite it all from scratch so people can fork off of clean code instead.

As of my last scan in 2023, I was only able to AXFR the zones for 8 (.er, .fj, .gp, .mp, .mw, .ni, .sl, .xn--54b7fta0cc) out of 1,456 root TLDs, & 114 out of 7,977 TLDs in the Public suffix list. The addition scripts in this repository provide an additional 37 zone files.

For laughs, here is a one-liner mass zone axfr:

curl -s | awk '$4=="A" || $4=="AAAA" {print substr($1, 3) " " $5}' | sed 's/\.$//' | xargs -n2 sh -c 'dig AXFR "$0" "@$1"'

Note: Don't actually use this lol...

It is interesting to have seen this has worked on some "darknet" DNS servers...would maybe look into exploring collecting more zones for alterntive DNS routing. I am also intruiged at how much you can explore ARPANET with AXFRs...more ARPAgheddon coming soon...

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