irc bot to query the coinmarketcap api
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  • Python *(Note: This script was developed to be used with the latest version of Python.)*
  • PySocks *(Optional: For using the proxy setting.)*

The API only updates it’s data every 5 minutes so the bot will cache the data returned from the API for faster replies to commands. After 5 minutes has passed since the last cache has been stored, it will update the cache on the next query command.

Command Description
@cmc Information about the bot.
$<name> Return information for the <name> cryptocurrency. (<name> can be a comma seperated list)
!seach <query> Search the market for <query>.
!stats Global market statistics.
!top [<1h/24h/7d/value/volume>] Return information for the top 10 cryptocurrencies based on market cap or [<1h/24h/7d/value/volume>].
!bottom [<1h/24h/7d/value>] Return information for the bottom 10 cryptocurrencies based on [<1h/24h/7d/value>].