unrealircd fork for for irc.deadnet.org
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About Graveyard-mird

Graveyard is a fork of Unrealircd, made to suit the needs of deadnet’s irc network

How to get started

run ./Config and run make && make install to install graveyard

Step 2: Configuration

Configuration files are stored in the conf/ folder by default (eg: /home/xxxx/deadircd/conf). All deadnet addons/patches are automatically loaded in modules.conf

Create a configuration file

If you are new, then you need to create your own configuration file: Copy conf/examples/example.conf to conf/ and call it unrealircd.conf. Then open it in an editor and carefully modify it using the documentation and FAQ as a guide (see below).

Step 3: Booting

./unrealircd start

Website, support, and other links

  • graveyard@riseup.net - Graveyard-ircd team’s email
  • irc://irc.deadnet.org:6697/graveyard - IRC support