service bot for the internet relay chat (irc) protocol
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A service bot for the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) protocol

  • Python *(Note: This script was developed to be used with the latest version of Python)*
  • PySocks *(Optional: For using the proxy setting)*

The bot will prevent mass join attacks on a channel by setting a channel limit (+l) only allowing _settings['limit'] users to join every _throttle['limit'] seconds. When a channel becomes full, all future join attempts will be redirect (+L) to the _settings['honeypot'] channel. The channel limit modes (+lL) are set with a MODE LOCK with Anope so they can not be tampered with by other channel operators. The bot will also automatically give voice (+v) to people who join a channel after _throttle['voice'] seconds.

Anope Usage
  • Firstly, register the nick “LimitServ” with NickServ: /msg NickServ REGISTER <password>
  • Add a new services operator: /msg OperServ OPER ADD LimitServ Services Root
  • Automatically join channels: /msg NickServ AJOIN ADD LimitServ #channel